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January/February 2018 Issue: Front Page > Education

Corporate Update
Business Lending Bootcamp
Business Lending Bootcamp March 21-22 at VolCorp Join CU Business Group (CUBG) Wednesday & Thursday, March 21-22, 2018 at VolCorp for this fast-paced, two-day course which delivers a comprehensive overview of credit union business lending.

Using in-depth case studies and hands-on learning, you'll gain skills and knowledge that can quickly and easily be applied at your credit union. CUBG will cover topics to help you succeed in today's dynamic and competitive business lending marketplace including:

  • MBL and commercial lending rules, best practices, and NCUA and State regulations.
  • Quickly and accurately screening and evaluating loan requests.
  • Strategies for analyzing financial data, including business tax returns and financial statements.
  • Evaluating and accurately measuring business cash flow and repayment ability.
  • Properly structuring and pricing business loans.
  • Tips on analyzing personal financial data and evaluating guarantors.
  • Creating high quality credit presentations or approval memos.
  • Loan risk rating systems and how they can be used in approving loans and managing a portfolio.
  • Collateral valuation and analysis for both real estate and C&I loans.
  • Developing a loan proposal, using loan covenants, and turning approved loans into closed loans.
  • Loan closing procedures, commercial loan documentation, liens, and legal issues.
  • Properly monitoring and servicing business loans, including annual risk reviews and collections.

Learn the keys to success from experienced commercial banking and credit union experts!

Complete Details and Registration Here

Course Fee:
$695 for CUBG Members
$895 for all others

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