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 Corporate Accounts

Transaction Account
Each member credit union is required to have a transaction account in order to take advantage of the many correspondent opportunities VolCorp offers. The transaction account is an interest bearing account through which all automated settlement clears.

Premier Account
This account was designed specifically with your overnight investing needs in mind. Funds in excess of your average daily settlement are swept into the Premier Account each night. These sweeps are automatic and at no cost to your credit union. Our Premier Account is crucial for maximizing earnings potential with our competitive overnight rates, plus it eliminates the need to constantly manage your liquid funds. These dividends are accrued daily and paid at the end of each month.

Member Managed Fund Account
The Member Managed Fund has a minimum deposit of $1,000,000, earns a premium rate of return, and gives you the opportunity to better manage your liquid funds. You’ll also enjoy these features:

  • Choose from four deposit tiers; with each higher level tier, there is a higher interest rate:

        Silver ($1M-$4.999M)
        Gold ($5M-$9.999M)
        Platinum ($10M+)
        Titanium ($25M+)

  • Unlimited funds may be deposited
  • Floating rate may change daily, allowing you to earn market rates
  • No set maturity date

Notice 90 Account
Notice 90 gives you the opportunity to earn a higher rate of return while maintaining the short term liquidity of a share account. Notice 90 also includes these features:

  • 90 day notice required for withdrawal
  • No minimum deposit
  • Maximum balance per credit union
  • Premium interest rate
  • Floating rate may change daily, allowing you to earn market rates
  • Dividends accrue daily and pay monthly to your transaction account

Corporate Certificates
VolCorp offers a wide variety of high-yielding certificates with terms ranging from one-day to five-years along with flexible dividend schedules. There is no dollar limit on the amount you can invest and we assume the market and interest rate risk.

Reverse Repurchase
Sell your securities with an agreement to repurchase them on a specific date and at a pre-determined price. The proceeds of the sale can be used to meet short-term liquidity needs or can be re-invested at a rate sufficient to provide a positive spread.

Christmas Club Accelerator
This account was developed for matching your members’ Christmas Club deposits. Open your Christmas Club Account prior to January 1st with a minimum of $5,000. Set your own maturity to coincide with your Christmas Club disbursement. This account pays a variable rate that can be adjusted the first day of each month. Deposits can be made at any time and in any amount, and dividends are paid at maturity.

Community Investment Fund (CIF)
Volunteer Corporate Credit Union (VolCorp) has partnered with the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) to give member credit unions the ability to continue investing in the Community Investment Fund (CIF). The CIF investment option will now be available through VolCorp for all PCC members. Investing in CIF allows members to support the state’s League initiatives for helping credit unions as well as supporting the National Foundation.

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