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The custodian for SimpliCD is Primary Financial Company, LLC, a credit union service organization (CUSO) owned jointly by corporate credit unions throughout the U.S.
A Single Call Puts You in Touch with the Country’s Best CD Interest Rates!
Whether your credit union is interested in funding loan portfolios or investing surplus funds, SimpliCD is the key to investment success for you. With a variety of full-service options to balance your changing liquidity situations, SimpliCD provides you with the back-office support and expertise to bring your unique financial portfolio to a new level of success.

Investing Made Easy
SimpliCD is a Certificate of Deposit Program that enables credit unions to invest substantial funds in federally-insured CDs. A complete investment system, SimpliCD combines the safety of CD investing with the performance of competitive interest rates from nationwide issuers. SimpliCD will search for the best rates, perform due diligence and maintain all reporting requirements, adding diversity to your existing portfolio through insured CDs with financial institutions.

With SimpliCD, you’ll be provided competitive, exclusive rates on a daily basis, without devoting your staff’s time and energy to locate them. You can base your investment decisions on sound options, familiar procedures and up-to-the-minute information in an easy-to-manage program tailored to fit your changing needs.

SimpliCD Offers Investors:

  • Exclusive Rate Information
  • Diverse Investment Opportunities
  • Uncompromising Support/Service
  • Efficient Transactions and Recordkeeping
  • Free Safekeeping
  • Easy, Convenient Settlement Options

Issuing Made Easy
The ability to fund loan demand is key to asset management for any financial institution. Now, SimpliCD makes it easier for you to prosper through an innovative method of raising funds — without the additional staffing efforts needed to bring your issues to market.

  • A convenient, centralized way to raise funds, regardless of the term or amount
  • No fee to your credit union
  • Access to a national market of credit union investors
  • Assistance in developing the terms of issuance
  • Easy, convenient settlement options

Join the growing number of credit unions that have discovered the ease and timeliness of issuing share certificates through the SimpliCD program.

Benefit from our established marketplace and expertise in the field of certificate investing.

Becoming an issuer has never been easier!

SimpliCD FAQs

What is SimpliCD and who is Primary Financial?

SimpliCD is an investment product being offered through Volunteer Corporate Credit Union. It enables credit unions to invest substantial funds in federally-insured certificates of deposit. Primary Financial, LLC is the CUSO owned by Volunteer Corporate Credit Union and more than two dozen other corporate credit unions that serves as custodian and administers the SimpliCD program.

How is the SimpliCD Program through VolCorp better than programs offered through other brokers?

With SimpliCD, your participation can be as limited or as extensive as you like. There are no minimum purchase requirements and no co-agent fees or finder's fees. The competitive rates that you receive from Primary Financial are "net to you" - in other words, the rate quoted is the rate received. Volunteer Corporate can complement your existing investment strategies and illustrate the potential that our SimpliCD service has to offer.

I have a substantial amount of surplus funds to invest in CDs. Will you be able to place it all and still keep my funds 100% insured?

Yes. By placing no more than $248,000 per issuing institution, SimpliCD can invest large amounts and still maintain fully insured protection for your principal. Due to our extensive number of strong issuer relationships, Volunteer Corporate's SimpliCD product can provide numerous investment opportunities without exceeding federal insurance coverage or your potential for fully insured investing.

NOTE: An On-Own List contains CDs owned by the investor outside of those purchased through SimpliCD. If CDs are held outside the SimpliCD program, SimpliCD should be made aware of those holdings to reduce potential duplication.

I think I can get better rates from another source. How can SimpliCD beat those rates?

Published rates are not always equal to the rate of return you actually receive on your investments. Many times, brokers may offer what appear to be highly competitive rates, but, there are hidden costs. Hidden costs include broker fees, wire in and out fees, and time allotted to collecting checks, filling out paperwork, and tracking the investments reduce the rate before they reach your bottom line. With SimpliCD, the rate you are quoted is the rate you get with no hidden costs or fees. In addition, by participating in the program, you receive top quality investment services and a variety of statements that ease your monthly accounting as well as your compliance with NCUA Part 703 reporting requirements.

How do I know that your Issuers are solid institutions?

With SimpliCD, you not only profit from the competitive rates that our participating issuers offer, but you are assured of the integrity of the issuing institutions. We work only with issuers that have been categorized as "well-capitalized" by the FDIC or that are considered "adequately capitalized" and that have received special permission to accept brokered deposits by the FDIC. In addition, at the time of purchase, we offer a performance review of the issuing institution complete with a variety of information relating to the safety and soundness, including summary financial statements and comparative ratio analysis. Primary Financial provides the institution's Veribanc Color & Star rating and their estimated CAMEL rating, both based on the institution's profitability, capital adequacy, asset size and loan quality.

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