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The VolCorp Value

An Analysis of VolCorp’s Value to Our Credit Union Members
When looking at the value of a product or service, price isn’t all that plays a part. Many important components are included in VolCorp’s pricing, providing additional value within our products and services. In the coming months, VolCorp will be explaining the additional value to your credit union that is not always readily apparent in our products and services.

VolCorp’s Value includes:

  • Staff who perform many back office functions which allow you to focus more of your time on your members’ needs.

  • A Fed account that is available to you for settlement purposes, i.e. share draft processing, deposit processing, ATM, credit and debit card processing, etc.

  • Acting as a volume aggregator to bring lower per item costs to the membership.

Our VolCorp value information will be shared with you through the VolVoice as well as here on our Member Corner page.

And, we would like to hear from you, too. Where do you find the value for your credit union in VolCorp’s products and services?

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