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We invite you to join VolCorp and partner with us to help your credit union succeed in an increasingly competitive market. For more information on membership and our products and services, please contact Sandy Swofford at (800) 470-3444, Ext. 7916. You may also request a Membership Packet.
Volunteer Corporate Credit Union
Value Summary
          The VolCorp Value

Volunteer Corporate Credit Union (VolCorp) offers superior products and services uniquely tailored to credit unions because we serve only credit unions. A broad range of traditional products and essential services are available such as investments, share draft and image processing, wire transfers, and ACH processing. Other value-added services available to credit unions include ACH audits, strategic planning, account statement reconciliation, and website design, hosting and maintenance. Looking to the future, our experienced management team is proactively exploring new products and services to help our members improve their offerings to their members.

Safety and Soundness
VolCorp recognizes there are two issues of critical importance to credit unions in connection with the corporate credit union network. The first critical issue centers on financial safety and soundness, and VolCorp is pleased to affirm we have not caused our member/owners to incur any loss of their membership capital. In fact, 100% of members’ money remains in their membership capital accounts, and our outlook is to remain profitable and meet our projected net income requirements. Across the nation, many corporate credit unions disregarded the timeless SLY (safety, liquidity, yield) principal, resulting in tremendous losses to their member/owners. VolCorp adhered to the SLY principal with a conservative investment strategy that has been a part of VolCorp’s business model since its founding in 1981.

The second critical issue centers on the reliable delivery of services and support, and VolCorp is pleased to affirm that recent economic events have validated the soundness of our business model. This claim may be readily justified by recognizing that we need implement only minor changes to assure full compliance with the new Corporate Regulation 704. Therefore, our members can count on us to pursue business as usual with no disruption to them.

Strategic Outlook
VolCorp’s strategic outlook is to remain a free-standing corporate with strong capital and forward-looking management. Our strategic plan for 2011 – 2020 is based on continuing with our conservative business model that has protected members’ capital through this crisis. The plan was developed based on two primary planning projections, namely that our average assets growth trajectory will continue according to our historical growth rate and that our current earnings performance of 20 basis points ROAA will continue at that level. Based on these projections, VolCorp can meet the regulatory requirement of 4% capital before the new regulation becomes effective in October 2011 provided our current members convert to PCC. Furthermore, VolCorp can meet the 1% retained earnings requirement in three years, well ahead of the seven years allowed for under the new regulation. (Note: Attainment of capital ratio assumes capital conversion continues at the pace of commitments we have received to date.)

Our Philosophy
At VolCorp, our guiding philosophy is that all members are created equal, a principle underscored by the fact we offer our best prices to our entire membership, regardless of asset size. Unlike some other corporates, achieving our planned goals requires no member price increases and no drastic expense reductions or shrinking of our balance sheet. Your credit union will find the same friendly, dedicated staff available to you that serve our current members. Our staff includes several employees with over 20 years experience at VolCorp as well as employees who have worked at credit unions prior to joining VolCorp. This adds up to the high standard of service and support that VolCorp consistently provides to all members. We never forget that we exist to serve our member/owners.

Along with VolCorp’s employees, our Board of Directors is committed to ensuring exceptional member service levels that are rooted in conservative operating policies and secured by safe and sound financial management policies. We hope that our success in protecting our current members’ capital without loss coupled with our safe and sound business model that is essentially already compliant with the new Corporate Regulation 704 invokes strong confidence that your credit union’s investment will be safe at VolCorp.

Acrobat File Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about VolCorp Membership and PCC

Full Membership
VolCorp’s membership requirement is 3/4 of one percent of your credit union’s assets as of December 31st, with a maximum membership PCC share deposit of $1 million. Full Members participate in VolCorp’s governance and receive all services at the best prices. An approved advised line of credit (LOC) is available at no cost. A committed LOC is available at a cost of five basis points.

Associate Membership
Associate membership allows you the opportunity to use VolCorp's Consulting, Brokerage, SimpliCD, and Payment Services with a $10 deposit into your transaction account. An approved advised line of credit (LOC) is available at a cost of five basis points. A committed LOC is available at a cost of ten basis points.

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