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 ACH Audits & Risk Assessments

VolCorp is available to perform your annual ACH audit in compliance with the provisions of the ACH Operating Rules. The ACH Audit must be completed no later than December 31st of each calendar year.

ACH Audit Services Include:

  • Completion of the audit requirement in Appendix Eight of the NACHA Operating Rules

  • Review of operating procedures and internal controls

  • Review of balancing and reconciliation functions

  • Written ACH Audit Report with findings and recommendations for improvement

Additional ACH Services include development of an ACH procedures manual and ACH staff training.

For more information about any of VolCorp’s ACH Audit service, please contact Michelle Douglas at (800) 470-3444 or (615) 232-7900, extension 7935 or email marketing@volcorp.org.

ACH Risk Assessments
Effective June 18, 2010, each depository financial institution is required to conduct a risk assessment of their ACH activity in accordance with the requirements of their regulator(s), and to implement risk management programs based on the results of the assessment. ODFIs will be further impacted by the requirement to conduct additional risk management practices prior to originating ACH entries, and by the requirement to cover specific topics within their Originator agreements. Your first ACH Risk Assessment should be completed within 12-18 months of the effective date of the NACHA rule. Furthermore, the ACH Risk Assessment should be performed under the direction of someone knowledgeable of the ACH rules and other regulations applicable to ACH entries.

VolCorp has Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs) on staff available to conduct your ACH Risk Assessment and provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations for improvement. This assessment will identify the areas of greatest ACH risk exposure to your institution, and:

  • determine the effectiveness of management’s planning and oversight of ACH activities;

  • evaluate the adequacy of operating processes and internal controls;

  • determine the adequacy of enterprise-wide compliance with policies and procedures related to ACH processing;

  • evaluate originator underwriting standards, establishment of exposure limits, and review of high-risk activities;

  • evaluate effectiveness of the business continuity program; and

  • review relationships and controls with third party service providers.

The ACH Risk Assessment can be performed at a discounted price if conducted in conjunction with your annual ACH Audit. For more information about ACH Risk Assessments, please contact Michelle Douglas at (800) 470-3444 or (615) 232-7900, extension 277.

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