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 Member Share Drafts

Volunteer Corporate is the leading processor of share drafts in the State of Tennessee. Unlike other share draft processors, our program offers a complete package including extensive cost analysis, testing, training, and marketing assistance. Benefits to choosing VolCorp include:

  • Secure connection for image retrieval via VolCorp Online
  • Posting files available for 5 days via a secure connection
  • Images retrievable through your home banking system
  • Redundant back-up of images - all images are replicated at our business recovery site
  • Service available 7:30 a.m. CT to 7:00 p.m. CT with afterhours number

Additional Processes
  • VolCorp staff perform MICR line repair on rejected items (ex. If the account number is not populated, VolCorp will populate causing LESS rejects at the credit union)
  • VolCorp checks for duplicate items over a 10 day time period and deletes duplicate items prior to sending a posting file
  • VolCorp reviews all items over $100,000 to see if they are correctly encoded. If an encoding error is found, VolCorp makes the correction immediately and does not pass the encoding error to the credit union.

  • Adjustment module available via VolCorp Online
  • Same day debit/credit for adjustments before 3:00 p.m. CT
  • VolCorp handles the adjustment process for the credit union, freeing up CU employee time
  • VolCorp processes any adjustment over $1.00

Share Draft Returns
  • VolCorp will send large dollar return notifications (Reg J) on credit union’s behalf
  • 100% next business day credit for return items
  • Returns may be transmitted to VolCorp as files or entered manually via online software

For more information on our Share Draft Program, please contact Marketing at Extension 3 or email marketing@volcorp.org.

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