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 Money Order / Cashier Drafts

Money Orders
VolCorp has developed a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to offer Money Orders to your members. It’s as simple as writing the draft and waiting for it to clear your Transaction Account. Compare the benefits of our program to other money order processors.

  • We order the drafts and deliver to your office
  • No pre-funding required when issuing items, like most programs
  • You retain the float because settlement takes place only when the items clear
  • No communicating daily totals
  • Daily cleared item detail for easy reconcilement via VolCorp Online
  • Lower-per-item fees than with other money order programs

Cashier Drafts
Modeled after our Corporate Share Draft program, our Cashier Drafts are the solution when your member requires a certified check. We will order and deliver the drafts to your office. Upon your member’s request, you will issue the draft. VolCorp will process the items and post settlement to your Transaction Account. Cleared item detail is available each month with your statement or on a daily basis via VolCorp Online for easy reconcilement.

For more information on our Money Order or Cashier Draft Programs, please contact Marketing at Extension 3 or email marketing@volcorp.org.

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